Jesse has something unique when it comes to real estate in this city. It’s not his collection of running shoes, although we’ll come to that. It’s the fact that Jesse is a desert native, born in Palm Springs and raised in Deepwell. This makes for a rare knowledge of the ins and outs of the city. He’s watched Palm Springs grow and change during his lifetime and it means he can provide a unique insight for our clients. 

Being a true local, Jesse has an intimate knowledge of Palm Springs’ landmarks and landscape. It’s out there that you can find him on the Cactus to Clouds trail, hiking in the Indian Canyons, running the Tram Road Challenge, or just jogging in the beautiful South end of the city. Jesse’s enthusiastic love for Palm Springs is only matched by his love for helping people. This dedicated agent has a genuine care for his community which reaches far beyond helping them find or sell their home.




Not a lot of careers in real estate start in fashion. Then again, not a lot of people are quite like Romina. An Australian from Perth, who now calls Palm Springs home, Romina has seen her career flourish with a unique strategic and creative take on life. 

After a decade of working internationally in branding, fashion and interior design, Romina is a multi-disciplinary talent who thrives on providing holistic, visionary advice and strategy to clients. She is now bringing her passion for life and flair for style to real estate. With her heart for forging relationships and her eye for design, Romina revels in bringing the dreams of others to life. It’s one of her greatest joys, which she’s lucky enough to now call her profession.

Along with advice in interior design and styling, Romina would love to help you settle into your new neighborhood, with tips on local foodie hubs, galleries, boutiques and attractions. She might even meet you there.


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David is at once a true southern gentleman and a titan of both the real estate and softball fields. Harking from the great state of Tennessee, David has amassed an incredible wealth of experience across the country. After a stint working with investment properties, David was inspired to dip his toes in the real estate pool. Now, he has over 25 years in the industry and is licensed in three states. 

Not content to stop there, David also has a unique understanding of real estate law after working in the court system for elected officials, and has specialized training in international real estate and senior living care. 

Despite this enormous and cultured career, David has equal, if not even more, passion for his family. His two daughters are now professionals in their own right, making David a very proud father. When he’s not out and about in the real estate game, you can find David in an entirely different one — softball. He has a deep fondness and talent for both.